Onslow County Code of Ordinances (Chapter 4, Article 1)

Ordinances are legislations (rules) enacted by municipal authorities. Whether or not you are a pet owner, the Onslow County Code of Ordinances (with respect to animals) outline requirements that must be observed by its residents. The intent of these sets of laws is to regulate responsible pet ownership through community collaboration. All pet owners should be familiar with these ordinances.

Did you know that two of the most common ordinance violations are free-roaming dogs and failure to clean up after pets? Dogs that roam free are at risk for being hit by cars and may be transported to the animal pound.

Unattended waste products left by dogs pose serious health risks to the community, especially to children who may be playing nearby. Responsible pet owners are urged to use pet leashes and waste disposal bags in accordance with the Onslow County Code of Ordinances.