These adorable cats were rescued, nursed to good health, and generously loved by a kind-hearted woman who needs to find permanent homes for them. Do you have a generous heart too? Will you open your home to these precious cats? Learn more about each cat below and contact owner Mackenzie Condon at 720-891-1393 for more information and/or to discuss adoption arrangements.

This sweet Siamese is Simon. I took him under my wing when my husband and I first moved to the area. He was a “neighborhood” cat with no known owner and went door to door begging for food. When I got to know him better, I noticed he was not fixed, and after taking him to a local vet to be scanned, did not have a microchip. I was told by my neighbors that he just showed up about 6 months ago and no one had claimed him. After a month or so, he came to my door with a few puncture wounds that had gotten infected, and had caused his entire face to swell up. You could not even see his beautiful blue eyes, and he also had an upper respiratory infection.Through careful monitoring and vet help, I was able to make Simon better. After determining that Simon did not actually have a home, I decided I would keep more watch over him and take responsibility for him and find him a home. I then got him fixed and vaccinated through fix-a-friend. Simon still enjoys going outside for a few hours a day, and that’s what makes him the happiest. He is very good with dogs and children. I was able to find him a forever home a month ago; however, he was returned to me because the family discovered their toddler was allergic to cats. Simon is the sweetest! 


This tuxedo cat is a female named Lucky, I took her under my wing when she was found with her kittens after Hurricane Florence in an abandoned garage. I was able to re-home all of her babies; however, she herself has had trouble finding a home. Her nickname is Mamma, and that is the name that you will find on her records. She is the foster that I have spent the most money on, due to her having pyometra emergency surgery to save her life. I took her in only to get her vaccinated and a check-up, and doctors found out she had pyometra. If I had waited a few more days, her uterus could have ruptured, hence the name “Lucky." She absolutely loves to cuddle, and LOVES to give kisses. She will reach out to your lips with her nose and give you a tiny kiss. Every time I come home from work, she greets me this way. She’s very docile, and gets along with all of my other cats in the home. At first, when introduced to new cats, there is a time period of getting used to one another. I am unsure how she is around dogs, but do know that she would be perfect for a home with small children. 


 This gorgeous black and orange tortie is Turtle Dove. I took her under my wing when she was brought to a Wildlife Sanctuary I used to work at when she was only 5 months old. The man who brought her in said that he had found her twisted up in an old car engine and determined that something must have scared her really badly because she is still spooked. I took her in to be vaccinated, fixed, and microchipped. However, I have had little luck in helping her overcome her shyness and skittish behavior. She is petrified of dogs yet is kind to children, as long as they do not corner her or make her feel like she needs to escape. Therefore, I think it would be best if she were placed in a home with older children, or a true cat person in general! Someone who understands and respects her personal space. She is definitely the type of cat that needs to feel safe, secure, and comfortable approaching you, rather than you approaching her. Turtle Dove is probably the sweetest of all the cats that I am taking care of. She loves to cuddle, purr, and her favorite thing to do is play with toys with you. She is very very good with other cats, and is everyone’s best friend. However, when she meets new kitties, she is the opposite of their best friend. After a few weeks, that changes!