Are you ready to add a loving pet to your family? Are you willing to donate time, money, and unconditional love to a new four-legged friend? If so, take the time to carefully read the following information so you fully understand the expectations of the adoption process. After all, adopting a pet is a thorough process that requires patience, but with the right mindset, pet ownership can be a very rewarding experience for you and your pet.

Adoption Fees

$80 (tax-deductible fees cover micro-chipping, spaying/neutering, and administering all current vaccinations)

Adopter Requirements

  • You must be 21+ to adopt a pet

  • If you rent your home, you must provide a copy of written consent from your landlord allowing pets

  • You must be willing to devote the time and expenses needed for any incurred training, medical treatment, and general care costs for your pet

  • Any other animals that reside with you must be spayed/neutered

  • Application Process

A completed application is required as part of the adoption process. It should be noted that a submitted application does not guarantee the adoption of a CAPS cat. 

The following are valuable resources that will guide you through the adoption process. You are encouraged to contact us with any specific CAPS-related questions you may have about the particular cat you wish to adopt.



Adopting from an Animal Shelter or Rescue Group

The Adoption Process: Questions to Ask Yourself

The Adoption Process: Questions to Ask Shelter Staff

If you discover that you are not ready for the long haul, consider fostering a pet on a short-term basis.

Long distance adoptions

While long-distance adoptions are complex and time-consuming, CAPS will consider this option. The process involves obtaining assistance from animal rescue organizations in that particular area to perform home visits. Transportation costs from CAPS to the new home must be assumed by the new owner.