WHILE THE MISSION OF CAPS is to focus on saving cats and making them healthy and happy, its work is not complete until these precious animals are placed in loving homes.

Kittens require extra attention much in the same way infants do until they learn what is appropriate behavior in the home. Kittens tend to be easily frightened and may become skittish around young children. Like teenagers, young cats also go through awkward developmental stages. By the time these animals reach adulthood, they have already grown into their personalities and are fully house-broken.

If you have small children in the home, an adult cat is a more suitable choice. If you already have a cat and are looking for a companion, it is best to select one that is close in age. Cats and dogs are great company for each other, and you become the recipient of double the love!

Adoption Fees (tax-deductible fees cover spaying/neutering and administering all current vaccinations)

$80 (0- 5 years old)
$60 (6 - 8 years old)
$40 (9+ years old)

Adopter Requirements

  • You must be 21+ to adopt a pet
  • If you rent your home, you must provide a copy of written consent from your landlord allowing pets
  • You must be willing to devote the time and expenses needed for any incurred training, medical treatment, and general care costs for your pet
  • Any other animals that reside with you must be spayed/neutered
  • Application Process

A completed application is required as part of the adoption process. It should be noted that a submitted application does not guarantee the adoption of a CAPS cat. There are many factors that must be considered, including a home visit to the future animal's home, before an application can be approved.

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