It is with grateful hearts and deep sadness we pay tribute and honor to the memory of Johnny Stevenson.

The Carolina Animal Protection Society, Inc. of Onslow County (CAPS) was truly blessed by the thoughtful hearts of Susan and Johnny Stevenson. For many years they supported CAPS with their generosity every month. Because of them, many hundreds of homeless dogs and cats received basic veterinary care, spays and neuters and emergency care when needed. 

Johnny's advice was always welcomed and appreciated. His loyal support helped us pursue our dreams of helping the many homeless animals in Onslow County. We will be forever grateful to this kind and generous man whose heart and soul was filled with love and respect for so many homeless animals. He was loyal to them and to us in all respects, and we will forever hold Johnny in the highest esteem. He was our hero!

Gail Whipple
Founder and President of CAPS